Monday, March 9, 2009

Flowing Data

I knew the day would come where I could finally sit down and absorb myself in my data. It's such an amazing feeling--I'm actually writing a dissertation right now!! Or at least getting ready to write those last two chapters...

Data analysis is daunting, yet fun. I have to find a way to conduct rigorous qualitative analysis, represent all the data/participants well, and construct my arguments and stories in a creative, interesting, theoretical, and practical way. I haven't even gotten to that last part (yet), and I'm already feeling like my head might explode. I guess that means I am working hard on those first two things. Thankfully my adviser has given me great tips on conducting a layered method approach. I like that. I need to think about things in different ways for it to "click."

I'm still looking for people to interview, as I go, but for now I've settled into the data and am taking a short rest from collecting. It feels good. It feels like progress. It feels like I might be able to wear that "official" UT regalia that I bought on Sunday. Yikes, will I really be done with school?

Better keep coding...

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