Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Found again

I really wanted to keep up with this blog - as a space for making sense of my graduate school process, as a space for other graduate students to share in experiences, and as a space for interacting or connecting with people who are interested in similar issues. As is readily apparent, I have not kept up. I am now finished with graduate school, I have finished my dissertation (and shared very little of that process), and I have entered into my first job as an assistant professor. But - I am not lost. I still have hope that I can find my place within the blog universe. And I hope this will be the beginning.

So - what are my goals for this now that I am done with grad school? Well, I may be done with grad school, but I am not done finding my way as a teacher and scholar. That is a lifelong process. So I hope to get back to my initial goals for this channel of communication. I hope to share my process, and I hope to connect with others who share similar interests and processes and can offer their own points of view. My research revolves around hearing other people's stories - so I hope I can reach out and hear many.

I must thank, who has posted my blog, for reminding me to keep up with this site. I may be done with my dissertation, but I would still love to talk with military families - to hear their stories - so if you found me through ...I am still here. And I would love to hear from you!

Kelly Rossetto
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